21. March 2023

• Bitcoiners have an incredibly low adoption rate of .01% penetration.
• Bitcoiners believe the old system is broken and must be replaced with a fair system that will last long after we are gone.
• To get the masses onto Bitcoin, Bitcoiners must understand how to explain it from a non-Bitcoiner’s perspective.

Why Bitcoin Adoption Rate is Low

The current adoption rate for Bitcoin is incredibly low at .01% penetration. This means out of 2.2 billion total people, only 250,000 are “Bitcoin Maximalists” who hold 50% of their net worth in bitcoin.

The Problem With Too Few Adopters

For the new system to work, people need to vote with their money and opt out of fiat currencies. However, they won’t do this until they understand what Bitcoin is and its potential benefits.

Force Pilling: Explaining What We See

Many Bitcoiners try to explain why they think this way to those closest to them in order to try and gain more adopters for the currency but often find it hard for others to understand what they see in cryptocurrency because it has been such a long time since before they were involved with the currency.

Origin Story: How We Got Here

It can be hard for some bitcoiners to remember what life was like before being involved in cryptocurrency, which makes it difficult for them to view things from a non-bitcoiner’s perspective as everything can be related back to bitcoin now – even climate crisis, inflation crisis, food crisis and authoritarian crises can all be fixed by bitcoin according to some maximalists!

Conclusion: Moving Forward

In conclusion, if we want our new financial system built on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin succeed then we need more people on board with understanding it first and foremost so that they can vote with their money accordingly when needed. Therefore spreading awareness about cryptocurrencies should be a priority if we want this system change take place anytime soon!