21. March 2023

• Senator Ted Cruz (TX-R) has proposed a resolution that would allow vendors within the Capitol area to accept payments in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.
• The proposal was advocated for by Cruz, citing the decentralized nature of Bitcoin and its potential benefits for the state of Texas.
• If the resolution passes through both houses, it could serve as an introduction to Capitol politicians on using BTC as a payment method.

Senator Ted Cruz’s Resolution

Sen. Ted Cruz (TX-R) has proposed a resolution that would request vendors within the Capitol area to work with payments providers that accept bitcoin. The proposal specifically mentions restaurants, gift shops and vending machines within Capitol Buildings should accept cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, allowing United States lawmakers to purchase snacks with sound money as they please.

Advocacy for Bitcoin

Sen. Cruz has been an advocate for bitcoin before, saying that “The Left hates Bitcoin because they can’t control it.” He sees the potential benefits of bitcoin mining as a boon for Texas which has been at the forefront of the industry since China’s ban on bitcoin mining in 2021.

Potential Impact

If passed, this resolution could potentially introduce Capitol politicians to using BTC as a daily payment method — something which may be abstract for those who have not seen its usage in payments settings before. This could be beneficial in shifting perspectives on cryptocurrency and sound money amongst politicians who may be on-the-fence about their opinion on it.

Passing Through Both Houses

The resolution will need to pass both House and Senate in order to take effect and become law across Capitol buildings nationwide.


Senator Ted Cruz’s proposed resolution seeks to introduce lawmakers of the United States to using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin through acceptance at vendors located inside Capitol Buildings. If passed, this move could shift perspectives towards crypto amongst on-the-fence politicians and open up new possibilities regarding sound money payments throughout America’s capital city.