21. March 2023

• Ordinals have recently been introduced and Bitcoin has not been the same since.
• The node count for Bitcoin has grown by 28% and Taproot adoption increased to 10%.
• Ordinal Loops (OL) is a review of Bitcoin’s contemporary existence, meant to support the growth of Bitcoin’s network effects.

Introduction to Ordinals

It has been almost a month since Ordinals truly came to light and Bitcoin has not been the same since. For some background, this article by Stephan Livera introduces the basic concepts and delves into the technical areas as well as the political challenges presented by Ordinals. While there are some views in it that can be contested and assumptions made that cannot be predicted, the article provides a fantastic entry point into the world of data inscription.

Impact of Ordinals on Bitcoin

The first days of Ordinal building were messy, with Bitcoiners spending hours telling people how the protocol works, navigating through the ways to run their own nodes and inscribing art. One has to wonder how many orange-colored light bulb moments have happened recently, but judging from the incoming amount of requests and peer-to-peer (P2P) conversations, it has to have been a lot. Looking at data since the end of January, according to bitnodes.io, the Bitcoin node count has grown by more than 28% and Taproot adoption increased to almost 10% with a dramatic push in the recent days, as depicted by Glassnode. Utilization of the most recent soft fork driven by Ordinals has been a tremendous success and there’s no reason to expect it to slow down.

Ordinal Loops: An Artistic Exploration

But due to elements of art and creative activism that Ordinals bring to Bitcoin there is still an urge to look at this technological evolution from different standpoint: as cultural advent in Bitcoin’s expansion and continuous growth. Introducing Orderal Loops (OL), a review of bitcoin’s contemporary existence along with some historical precedence formed in 21 ASCII-format low byte size artifacts or ordinal inscriptions which guide novel explorers from different streams grasp fundamental pillars of this important discovery.

Team Behind OL

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