21. March 2023

•The article explores the concept of Ordinals and inscriptions, which are numismatic roots in storing rare coins.
•It uses the example of a 1933 U.S. double-eagle coin as an example of a valuable collectible, worth $18.9 million today.
•Ordinals and inscriptions make sense when considering modern Bitcoin values, due to their limited supply and potential for increased value over time.

Understanding Numismatic Roots

The concept of Ordinals and inscriptions has classical numismatic roots, stemming from the idea that if one has a rare coin (such as Bitcoin), they may wish to store it for either personal pleasure or to pass it on to future generations in order to gain more value than could be expected initially. As an example, the double-eagle coin minted in 1933 by the United States is now worth $18.9 million and was proposed by President Theodore Roosevelt at first before becoming illegal when President Franklin Delano Roosevelt took the country off of the gold standard in 1933.

The Value Of Rare Coins

Rare coins are highly valued due to their limited supply, making them attractive investments for collectors both personally and financially. Inscriptions on these coins also add great philosophical purpose and can increase their value even more over time due to their rarity. An example of this is seen with the double-eagle coin discussed above where around 20 pieces were lost before it was completely melted down again after becoming illegal under Roosevelt’s rule.

Modern Bitcoin Values

When looking at modern Bitcoin values, Ordinals and inscriptions make especially good sense due to their limited supply and potential for increased value over time despite any government regulations or legalities involved with owning such items. This makes them attractive investments both on a personal level as well as financial level since they have great potential returns over long periods of time – just like with any other investment vehicle or asset class utilized by investors today.

Numismatic Collecting

Coin collecting is an interesting activity which combines art appreciation with financial investment opportunities – something that many people find fascinating about this hobby! When collecting numismatic items such as rare coins, it’s important to research their history thoroughly in order to ensure you get true value from them – this includes understanding how past events have shaped their current market prices so that you can make informed decisions going forward into your own investments with these coins or other numismatics objects you may collect in your spare time!


In conclusion, Ordinals resources offer an interesting insight into understanding how rare coins have been used historically through numismatics roots while also offering potential investors insight into what goes into valuing modern crypto assets such as Bitcoin today – including its limited supply and potential for increasing its value over time regardless of governmental regulations or laws surrounding ownership rights! Coin collecting is also an enjoyable hobby which combines art appreciation with financial investing opportunities – something that many find intriguing about this particular area!